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11Kv Panels (1250A 26.3Ka & 200A 40Ka)

General Specfication

1. The encloser is completely assembeled in CRCA SHEET 14 SWG (2MM) Panel Structure & 16 SWG (1.6 MM ) Doors/ Cover and 10 swg (3 mm) gland plate

2. Inner panel structure and outer frame build from angle support

Unique Specification and Advantage of 11kv panels

1. Our 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel that is known for high performance, rigid construction and longer service life.

2. complete equipment for outdoor and indoor installation.

3. The panel is user-friendly and easy to operate.

4. The panel is high in performance and require less maintenance.

5. Its reliable operating mechanism also ensure safety of the user.

6. The Vacuum Circuit Breaker offered exceptional performance during the restriction of electrical short circuit through HT fuse.

7. Made in accordance with set industry standards, these vacuum circuit breakers are highly reliable and require very less maintenance.

8. The circuit is compactly structured and ensure sturdiness with mechanical reliability.

9. Dry type uses air to cool down

10. Uused upto 500 kva transformer oil and dry and as specified by the electricity board

11. Compact and can be located in such a manner it can save civil work and cost, cable cost & reduce electrical load

Techincal Parameters and Data

1. Rated Voltage:12Kv

2. Rated Current:630A

3. Rated Frequency:50Hz

4. Rated Short-Time Withstand Current :18/20 Karms

5. Protection grade of the encloser : IP65

7. Standard colour for Panel: RAL 7032 Siemens Grey ( Please contact us for any other colour)

8.  Ambient temperature of 50'C

9.  Aambient temperature of 50'C

10. 11 kv HT fuses 30/40/50/60A

11Kv Panels (1250A 26.3Ka & 200A 40Ka)
11Kv Panels (1250A 26.3Ka & 200A 40Ka)