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Johns Electric Company Private Limited, leaders in Automation and Electrical, came into being with effect from 01.10.1992 as the successor to the erstwhile Johns Electric Company which was established in1978.


DG Syncronizing

1 Transformer  for distribution 
2 D.G distribution 
3 Sub- distribution for the above 
1 Automatic Control of Diesel Generator Sets incorporating following functions
a AMF (Auto- Mains failure)
b AS (Auto Synchronizing)
c ALS (Auto Load Sharing)
d LDSS (load Dependent start / Stop)
e LS (Load shedding)
2 Common Control PLC Panel for up to 8 Diesel Generator Sets.
3 SCADA View terminal Points.
4 Manual Synchronizing of Diesel Generator Sets.
5 Protection & Control of Diesel Generator Sets through Multi Function relay
6 Man Machine Interface (MMI)
7 Annunciation & fault indication
                  Unique Specification and Advantage
1 The total programme is based on load in KW. Hence the actual sharing, starting, stopping & transfers are actual load dependent & not on any other unrealistic parameter like voltage, current. Etc.
2 Changing of scheme becomes very easy because of changes are made through software only. There is no changing of wires, adding of components like relays, contactors, which is very time consuming, cumbersome & requiring additional space.
3 Along with KW sharing, KVAr sharing & PF sharing is very accurate, because of PLC   programming. There is no possibility of any unequal sharing as regards KW, KVAr & PF.
4 For any type of load addition or reduction, manual intervention as regards D.G.set operation is not required. However, in case of emergency manual override is possible.                                        
5 Special programmers using Real Time Clock (RTC) are possible. With this facility, along with KW dependent programs; day, date & time dependent programmers are possible.   
6 Because of KW dependent load sharing, optimum utilization of D.G. sets are possible. This increases D.G. sets efficiency & saves lot of fuel.
7 D. G.sets are always tried to run with 80 % to 90 % load factor, where we get maximum efficiency of D.G.sets. This is easily possible with our system.
8 Because of PLC operation, hardware like relays, contactors, wiring etc is reduced drastically. This reduces fault points & increases the MTBF of the system.
9 If any changes are required to be made in future, then there is no need of additional hardware like relays, contactors etc. There is also no need to make new wiring or changes in the wiring. All the changes / modifications can be easily made through software only. 
  Techincal  Parameters and Data
1 Rated Voltage:  415 ± 5% volt, 3 phase (4 W + E)
2 Rated Current: 400A,2000A,3000A,6300A
3 Rated Insulated Voltage:  690V
4 Rated Frequency: 50 HZ AC supply
5 Rated Short-Time Withstand  Current : 80 Ka
6 Initial peak Rated Short-Time Withstand  Current :  220KA 
7 Duration of Short Circuit: 1 second
8 Protection grade of the encloser : IP54 standard and optional upto IP66
9 Forms used for internal sepration:  upto Form 4b
10 Standard colour for Panel: RAL 7032 Siemens Grey ( Please  contact us for any other colour)
11 Nine Tank and Oven & Spray based Paint process
12 Temprature rise tested encloser.
13  Ambient temperature of 50°C

DG Syncronizing
DG Syncronizing