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Johns Electric Company Private Limited, leaders in Automation and Electrical, came into being with effect from 01.10.1992 as the successor to the erstwhile Johns Electric Company which was established in1978.



1 Tranformer loss and it's correction.
2 DG loss and it's correction.
3 Motor losses,
4 Harmonic controlling and correction
  General Specfication
1 Fixed/ Modular design
2 Busbar rating upto -6300A
3 Busbar support SMC / DMC
4 Busbar Aluminium / Copper, Electrolytic grade
5 Panel confirm to IS Standards
6 The encloser is completely assembeled in CRCA SHEET 14 SWG (2MM) Panel Structure & 16 SWG (1.6 MM ) Doors/ Cover and 10 swg (3 mm) gland plate
7 Cable room can be installed as many as a single core cables
8 Inner panel structure build from angle support
9 Base frame build from channel base of 100 mm only 
10 Entry Top or Bottom
             Unique Specification and Advantage
1 Use best APFC relay in the country.
2 Standard Stages from 4/6/8/12/14/16 (Single/ Three Phase).
3 Strictly follow ISO 9001-2008
4 Provision for capacitor cooling is provided.
5 Compartmentlised/ Non-Compartmentlised panel.
6 They will be installed indoors.
7 All doors will be suitably labeled and marked for convenience of operation & maintenance
8 Assurance to maintain UNITY  POWER FACTOR.
9 Normally APFC apnel  is installed near PCC and Transformer/DG.
             Techincal  Parameters and Data
1 Rated Voltage:  415 ± 5% volt, 3 phase (4 W + E)
2 Rated Current: 400A,2000A,3000A,6300A
3 Rated Insulated Voltage:  690V
4 Rated Frequency: 50 HZ AC supply
5 Rated Short-Time Withstand  Current : 80 Ka
6 Initial peak Rated Short-Time Withstand  Current :  220KA 
7 Duration of Short Circuit: 1 second
8 Protection grade of the encloser : IP54 standard and optional upto IP66
9 Forms used for internal sepration:  upto Form 4b
10 Standard colour for Panel: RAL 7032 Siemens Grey ( Please  contact us for any other colour)
11 Nine Tank and Oven & Spray based Paint process
12 Temprature rise tested encloser.
13  Ambient temperature of 50°C