Johns Electric is one of the best Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panel or Changeover Panel manufacturers & suppliers in India. All our panels fully comply with all regulatory requirements and are fully tested. Every panel is custom designed and built to customer specifications.


  1. AMF Control Panel is for controlling two DG Sets, Master DG and slave DG.
  2. Auto mains failures (AMF) Panels is meant for controlling DG START / STOP sequence in accordance to the availability of utility power supply.


We design & manufacture the AMF panels for various capacity & different make of Diesel EA set. This is a Module with Generator monitoring, protection and start facilities. Operation of the module is via three push-buttons mounted on the front panel with STOP, MANUAL and AUTO positions. Selection of the 'Auto' mode is confirmed by LED indicator, and monitors the incoming mains supply (3 Phase or Single phase). Should the incoming AC mains supply fall below a configurable pre-set limit, the generator will be started, and load transferred to the gen-set. When the AC mains supply returns to within limits, the module will transfer load back to the mains. The engine will be instructed to stop after a cool-down period. The module's microprocessor provides a comprehensive functions.

General Specifications

  • Fixed / Modular design
  • Busbar rating upto -6300A
  • BUSBAR Aluminium / Copper, Electrolytic grade
  • Panel confirm to IS Standards
  • The enclosure is completely assembled in CRCA SHEET 14 SWG (2 mm) Panel Structure and 16 SWG (1.6 mm ) Doors/Cover and 10 swg (3 mm) gland plate
  • Cable room can be installed as many as a single core cables
  • Inner panel structure build from angle support
  • Base frame build from channel base of 100 mm only
  • ENTRY Top or Bottom

Unique Specifications and Advantages

  • Automatic Changeover between Mains Electric Supply and DG
  • with PLC & DIEF along with REPUTED PARTS
  • Best suited for single and Double D. G handling
  • With oil check alarm
  • AMF control system provides
  • Consistent power supply to the load in absence of main supply.
  • DG set protections
  • Smooth Start / Stop Sequence.
  • Audio visual indications of various fault conditions.
  • Protects the load from voltage fluctuations.
  • Auto / Manual modes of operation.
  • Mains failure and voltage fluctuations detection.
  • User friendly.
  • GUI interface with TCP/ IP over GSM/GPRS (Optional)

AMF Control System provides:

  • Consistent Power Supply to the load.
  • Smooth Start/Stop Sequence
  • Audio/Visual indication of various fault conditions.
  • Auto/Manual modes of operations
  • Mains failure and voltage fluctuation detection.

Main features for AMF Panels:

  • Range from 250KVA to 3000KVA
  • Logic Panels with normal source or with standby DG source
  • Basic protection under /over voltage, under/Over frequency.
  • Provision with future synchronising.
  • Metering (Voltage, Ammeter, Frequency, KWH) & Battery charger unit
  • Modbus communication facility.
  • DG Breaker & mains Breaker (Optional)

Technical Parameters and Data

Rated Voltage: 415 ± 5% volt, 3 phase (4 W + E)
Rated Current: 400A,2000A,3000A,6300A
Rated Insulated Voltage: 690V
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz AC Supply
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current : 80 Ka
Initial peak Rated Short-Time Withstand Current : 220KA
Duration of Short Circuit: 1 second
Protection grade of the enclosure : IP54 standard and optional upto IP66
Forms used for internal separation: upto Form 4b
Temperature rise tested enclosure: An ambient temperature of 50°C
Standard colour for Panel: RAL 7032 Siemens Grey (Please contact us for any other colour)
Nine Tank and Oven & Spray based Paint Process