We take the following steps towards ensuring quality control:

  1. All components and consumables used in PANELS are obtained from reputed suppliers only like ABB, L&T, Automatic Electric, MarpoL, etc. directly from their factories or their authorised stock points.
  2. These components are inspected before use at our factory to ensure quality of our panels.
  3. Production at each stage is monitored by the Chief Engineer and the supervisor with proper documentation & record maintained
  4. Total in house facilities for sheet gauge, shearing, bending, painting (9 Tank Process), powder paint test, etc. ensures quality and timely delivery.
  5. Entire execution is planned in such a way that the manufacturing of a panel strictly corresponds to the design and specifications and is correct in first attempt.
  6. Perpetual improvement in manufacturing process is made which is based on every day experience and feed back from "AFTER SALES SERVICES".
  7. Our panels are tested for following (Learn more about our internal testing):
    • Visual test
    • Functional Test
    • High Voltage Test (2.5KV for 50-60 Seconds)
    • Maggar test
    • Secondary Injection Test
Industry standard quality control and fully tested electrical panels

Our Quality Policy

Johns Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd. is committed to Design, Manufacture, Supply and Commissioning of Engineering Products in the field of Electrical Systems and Automation viewing Safety, Health and Welfare of the community through innovation, reliability and dedicated services.

It strives to achieve this by improving technical competence through comprehensive training and skill up - gradation at all levels.


The following steps ensure best-in-class quality in all our panels:

  1. With the help of our past experience in both manufacturing and service along with the depth knowledge of all switchgears brands, we have developed the best customised type -2 coordinate motor starter ratings considering the current data mentioned in IS 12615:2001. This ensures our customer the most economical product with the best technical and quality switchgears.
  2. We use DMC/SMC insulators for our busbar support which have featues like Material group-1 (IEC-60112), Pollution degree-3(IEC-60950) and Insulation Class-B (JIS C 4003), and is best in the industry to assure the toughest and long lasting product to our customers.
  3. Even for the not-so-seen parts like bakelite sheet are of Electrical Grade only with thickness of 6mm, which many panel builder compromise with commercial garde sheet.
  4. We use only high tensile medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered metric bolt of Class 8.8 which has a proof load of 580 MPa and is recommended by Indian and International Standards for heavy duty applications.
  5. The bolt useds in busbar jointing or tapping and cable termination are of size M10 with 2.5mm Washer thickness recommended for torque 0f 3.5 kgm³.
  6. The bolt used in plate mounting or side and top plates are of size M4-M6 with recommended torque of 1.5 kgm³.
  7. All Bolts are tighened with two plane washer and one spring washer before the nut to ensure complete tighnest even during transportation and installation.
Industry standard quality control and fully tested electrical panels