Johns Electric is one of the best Automatic DG Set Synchronising and Load-sharing Panel manufacturers & suppliers in India. All our panels fully comply with all regulatory requirements and are fully tested. Every panel is custom designed and built to customer specifications.


  1. Transformer and Multiple DG Distribution.
  2. Sub- distribution for the above.


Used for Synchronization and Automatic Load Sharing between multiple Power sources/lines like Mains, Grid, Generators. This is Microprocessor based Controller with a high degree of customization, which can be configured to meet the Clients requirements. Synchronizing as well as precise KW Load sharing with in-built protections for engine, generators and mains like over current, overload, earth fault, Reverse power, over/under voltage, low oil pressure, high water temp, over speed and SYNC CHECK, AMF, etc. Also GRID paralleling is possible with import / export control PLC for system logic configurable input / output as per requirement.

Unique Features

  • Automatic Control of Diesel Generator Sets incorporating following functions:
    1. AMF (Auto Mains Failure)
    2. AS (Auto Synchronizing)
    3. ALS (Auto Load Sharing)
    4. LDSS (Load Dependent Start / Stop)
    5. LS (Load Shedding)
  • Manual Synchronizing of Diesel Generator Sets.
  • Protection & Control of Diesel Generator Sets.
  • Annunciation & fault indication.

Unique Advantages

  • The total programme is based on load in KW. Hence the actual sharing, starting, stopping & transfers are actual load dependent & not on any other unrealistic parameter like voltage, current. Etc.
  • Changing of scheme becomes very easy because of changes are made through software and module only. There is no changing of wires, adding of components like relays, contactors, which is very time consuming, cumbersome & requiring additional space.
  • Along with KW sharing, KVAr sharing & PF sharing is very accurate, because of DG Syncro. And load management programming. There is no possibility of any unequal sharing as regards KW, KVAr & PF.
  • For any type of load addition or reduction, manual intervention as regards D.G. set operation is not required. However, in case of emergency manual override is possible.
  • Special programmers using Real Time Clock (RTC) are possible. With this facility, along with KW dependent programs; day, date & time dependent programmers are possible.
  • Because of KW dependent load sharing, optimum utilization of D.G. sets are possible. This increases D.G. sets efficiency & saves lot of fuel.
  • D. G. sets are always tried to run with 80% to 90% load factor, where we get maximum efficiency. This is easily possible with our system.
  • Because of PLC based DG module, hardware like relays, contactors, wiring etc is reduced drastically. This reduces fault points & increases the MTBF of the system.

Technical Parameters and Data

Rated Voltage: 415 ± 5% volt, 3 phase (4 W + E)
Rated Current: 400A,2000A,3000A,6300A
Rated Insulated Voltage: 690V
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz AC Supply
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current : 80 Ka
Initial peak Rated Short-Time Withstand Current : 220KA
Duration of Short Circuit: 1 second
Protection grade of the enclosure : IP54 standard and optional upto IP66
Forms used for internal separation: upto Form 4b
Temperature rise tested enclosure: An ambient temperature of 50°C
Standard colour for Panel: RAL 7032 Siemens Grey (Please contact us for any other colour)
Nine Tank and Oven & Spray based Paint Process